Buying a home is not just something you wake up and decide to do. There are plenty of financial and physical matters you will ned to deal with to get the perfect home. yes, the condition of the roofing and flooring, size of the kitchen, yard set up and water system of the house are important but there are other things you need to look at before you make the final purchase

Things to consider when searching for a house

The location – Location is quiet an important factor when you are searching for your new permanent home. if you love the neighbourhood enough and what it has to offer, you can live with some of the imperfections in the home.  if the location is not that pleasing, you will not see the need to love even in the most perfect home. choosing the right location is important because it is one of those things you can never change.

One you buy a home in a poor location, that’s it for you. You will either have to live in it or find someone who will buy it off you.  Consider the home’s proximity to your work, the charm of the neighbourhood, noises from roads and neighbourhood, pets, traffic, access to public transport, school, shopping, ease of access and more.

The neighbourhood- The neighbourhood, and not just the home, should meet all your expectations and needs. as the popular real estate saying goes, you should a home, no matter how small in the best neighbourhood as long as you can afford it.  A good neighbourhood should provide you will all the social and public amenities you need, should be clean and generally be satisfactory to you. 

The size of the home and the floor plan – Your home should generally reflect your lifestyle; a simple home for a simple lifestyle and a Tudor/Victorian style home for a more expensive and complex home. check out the exterior features of the home to ensure they are within interest and affordable to maintain.

How practical is the home?  how many bedrooms and baths do you need?  Large homes give you the extra space you need for art, home office, gym and more but you will make more payments on the taxes. Decide on the total number of bedrooms and bathrooms you need so you can look for homes that meet that criteria.

The general condition of the home – The kitchen and bathrooms are the main parts of the home. if they are not functioning as they should then there is no need to make a purchase and end up paying more for the renovations. In some cases, you are allowed to make purchases on homes that can be remodelled or some parts can be replaced at a simple cost. Old homes have old doors, windows, closets and storage but this should not throw you off from making a purchase when it is a bargain.

Final word

Sometimes, some of the best homes are very simple. This allows you to make renovations at your convenience to make the place more personalised.